TerraMax Investors
TerraMax, Inc. was incorporated in 1998 as a “C” corporation, we are privately held with a limited number of investors. TerraMax’s founders are primary investors with capitalization held within the firm itself.

Doug Kremer, CEO of TerraMax, has been working with microbiology for 25 years in various capacities, in both agricultural and horticultural fields. He began TerraMax as a platform to bring effective and economical microbial delivery to the agricultural and turf markets. His imaginative, solution based product research and development has lead to many unique solutions designed specifically to meet end user needs while answering global concerns about the uses of petrochemical based products.

Dr. Ken Hibberd, Chief Scientist at TerraMax, has provided the “beakers and bunson burner” foundation at TerraMax, coordinating all research, development and testing. His experience in microbial production, testing and analysis has enabled TerraMax to achieve the highest levels of quality assurance within our products.

Dennis (Denny) Driggers, Vice President of TerraMax, came to agriculture after a career in financial services, Denny has become TerraMax’s primary investor relations point and provides overall Operations support to the laboratory and manufacturing operations.