TerraMax MicroAZ-ST Dry™
Azospirillum Seed Inoculant For Corn

TerraMax’s MicroAZ- ST Dry™ contains two species of a beneficial bacteria, Azospirillum brasilense and lipoferum. MicroAZ-ST Dry™ is in a special nutrient blend that provides superior stability ensuring the bacteria’s survival and allow it to get the job done. This product is used to stimulate germination and rooting in grasses. This can lead to increased plant stand, root mass and yield. The microorganisms in MicroAZ-ST Dry™ are naturally occurring and will not harm the environment.

The MicroAZ-IF advantage:
• Two strains of Azospirillum.
• Improve plant growth.
• Fixes nitrogen.
• Stimulates rooting.
• May increase yield.

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